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Do you Know the Mineral Composition of Perlite?

Jul. 14, 2021

Perlite is a kind of volcanic erupted acidic lava. It is a vitreous rock formed by rapid cooling. [1] It is named after its pearl fissure structure. Perlite mines include perlite, obsidian and turpentine. The difference between the three is that perlite has arc-shaped cracks formed by condensation, called perlite structure, with a water content of 2 to 6%; turpentine has a unique luster of turpentine, with a water content of 6 to 10%; obsidian has glass Luster and conchoidal fracture, the water content is generally less than 2%. As a Bulk Perlite Manufacturer, share with you.

Do you Know the Mineral Composition of Perlite?cid=3

Expanded Perlite

Ore properties

Mineral composition

The main components are massive, porous, pumice-like perlite, containing a small amount of diferolite, phenocrysts, microcrystals of quartz, and various forms of embryos, cryptocrystalline minerals, hornblende and other arc-shaped cracks, fractures It is jagged, pearly luster, grease luster after weathering, white streaks.

The main components are turpentine, hydrolyzed turpentine and hydrated turpentine, containing a small amount of feldspar and white tuff, which are irregularly distributed, with a shell-like fracture, turpentine luster, and white streaks.

The main components are obsidian, obsidian porphyry and hydrated obsidian, containing a small amount of quartz, feldspar phenocryst, a very small amount of opaque magnetite, corundum, etc., the fracture is flat or shell-like, partly jagged, with glassy luster , After weathering, it becomes grease luster with white streaks.

The raw material deposits of expanded perlite are mainly products of acidic volcanic eruptions. Since the Mesozoic in China, various types of magma have been ejected in large quantities, and expanded perlite deposits have been formed in the Jurassic, Cretaceous, Tertiary and Quaternary. Our company also has Expanded Perlite on sale, welcome to contact us.

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