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What are the Characteristics of Zeolite?

Jul. 27, 2021

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It is the general name of zeolite group minerals, which is a water-containing alkali metal or alkaline earth metal aluminosilicate mineral. According to the characteristics of zeolite minerals, it is divided into four types: frame, flake, fibrous and unclassified. According to the characteristics of pore system, it is divided into one-dimensional, two-dimensional and three-dimensional systems. Any zeolite is composed of silicon-oxygen tetrahedra and aluminum-oxygen tetrahedra. Tetrahedrons can only be connected by vertices, that is, share an oxygen atom, and cannot be connected by "edges" or "faces." The aluminum-oxygen tetrahedrons themselves cannot be connected, and there is at least one silicon-oxygen tetrahedron in between. The silicon-oxygen tetrahedrons can be directly connected. 



The silicon in the silicon-oxygen tetrahedron can be replaced by aluminum atoms to form an aluminum-oxygen tetrahedron. But aluminum atoms are trivalent, so in the aluminum-oxygen tetrahedron, the electricity price of one oxygen atom has not been neutralized, resulting in a charge imbalance, which makes the whole aluminum-oxygen tetrahedron negatively charged. In order to maintain neutrality, there must be positively charged ions to compensate, usually by alkali metal and alkaline earth metal ions, such as Na, Ca and metal ions such as Sr, Ba, K, and Mg. Due to the unique internal structure and crystalline chemical properties of zeolite, zeolite has a variety of properties that can be used in industry and agriculture.

The natural zeolite found in the world is generally light gray, sometimes fleshy red. It is obviously lighter than ordinary stones when held in the hand. This is because the inside of zeolite is full of tiny holes and channels, which is much more complicated than honeycomb. If you compare zeolite to a hotel, there are 1 million "rooms" in this "super hotel" of 1 cubic micron! These rooms can automatically open the door or block the car according to the gender, height, weight, and hobbies of the "traveler" (molecules and ions), and will never let the "fat" go to the "skinny" room, nor will it make tall people. Live in the same room with the short guy. According to this characteristic of zeolite, people use it to screen molecules and obtain very good results. This is particularly important for the recovery of copper, lead, cadmium, nickel, molybdenum and other metal particles in industrial waste liquid.

Zeolite has the properties of adsorption, ion exchange, catalysis, acid and heat resistance, so it is widely used as adsorbents, ion exchangers and catalysts, and can also be used for gas drying, purification and sewage treatment. Zeolite also has "nutritional" value. Adding 5% of zeolite powder to the feed can speed up the growth of poultry and livestock, strengthen the body with fresh meat and high egg production rate.

Due to the porous silicate nature of zeolite, there is a certain amount of air in the small pores, which is often used to prevent bumping. When heating, the air in the small holes escapes and acts as a gasification nucleus, and small bubbles are easily formed on the edges and corners.

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