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Can Diatomite Be Used as A Soil Amendment?

Sep. 24, 2021

As a diatomite supplier, I'd like to share it with you.



Diatomite is a kind of biochemical sediment, mainly formed by the fossil bone remains of single-celled plant algae in ancient geological period. It is a non-renewable natural resource. Diatomite has many advantages, such as large porosity, strong adsorption, sterile, non-toxic and harmless, and pH close to neutral.

Even when diatomite is added to the soil, the particles will not swell or stick. And diatomite can be regenerated and reused after use. It is a natural and environmentally friendly high-quality soil amendment.


Advantages of Diatomite as A Soil Amendment


1. Silicon is essential for the healthy growth of plants and roots. Although most of the amorphous silica in the composition of diatomite is insoluble in soil, it is valuable that a small amount is still soluble silica. It can be slowly released and absorbed by plant roots, which can greatly improve plant immunity and enhance plant resistance to diseases.


2. Diatomite is a natural porous absorbent mineral, which can absorb water 1.5 times its own weight, so it has the functions of water retention, fertilizer retention and slow release, saving water, fertilizer, time and money.


3. Diatom is a porous mineral, which has a similar capillary effect to water and nutrient solution, so it is an ideal substrate for soilless cultivation


4. Diatomite is an irregular light porous particle with relatively incompressibility. It can reduce soil density, loosen the soil, reduce compaction, and facilitate the air penetration, circulation and flow of plant roots.


5. The unique porous structure of diatomite can provide oxygen in the soil, promote the multiplication of beneficial bacteria in this environment, balance humidity, temperature and food sources, and have the effect of killing pests and diseases. Because more than 95% of the pathogens are anaerobic, and the use of diatomite can increase the air permeability of the soil and increase the oxygen content of the soil so that the bacteria cannot survive, which can save a lot of chemical herbicides and pesticides. The environment greatly reduces the maintenance cost of turf and plants.


6. As a soil amendment, diatomite is calcined at high temperature, it is sterile and non-toxic. Even if it is used 100% or as one of the substrates of plant soil components, it will not change the pH value of the soil.


7. Diatomite is chemically inert. Diatomite is different from other organic soil amendments that will decompose and rot, diatomite can be regenerated and reused. It has a small volume density and is convenient for transplanting and transporting plants. Precisely because it is durable, renewable and can be used for a long time, it has better economic efficiency.


In the natural environment, diatomite is incorporated into the soil to easily absorb and release air, water and nutrient solutions to reduce soil density, increase soil heat capacity and oxygen content. Therefore, diatomite is the temperature, water, gas and nutrients required for plant root growth Effective soil structure regulator.


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