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What is the Use of Diatomite in the Medicine?

Sep. 13, 2021

Diatomite is a natural non-mineral powder material with numerous pores on the surface. Due to its advantages diatomite has been used in various fields, including food industry, chemical industry, medical industry, etc. Do you know the application of diatomite in medicine? As a diatomite supplier, I'd like to share it with you.



Application of Diatomite in Medicine


Pharmaceutical-grade diatomite is in powder form and has a microporous structure of diatom shell walls. It acts as a filter and filler in glucose, physiological saline, eye drops, oral liquid and dental impression materials.


Diatomite can not only absorb and decompose the peculiar smell in the air, but also can filter and purify the liquid. It can filter out solid particles, suspended matter, colloidal particles and bacteria in the liquid, so it is used as a filter aid in the medical field.

In medicine, diatomite works well as a filter for antibiotics, glucose, vitamins and Chinese herbal extracts.


Diatomite is mixed with the active ingredients of medicines or natural mineral mixtures containing diatomite, and used as a filler for solid pharmaceutical dosage forms. Filler is a functional pharmaceutical excipient used in pharmaceutical preparations, which contains most of the preparations. While using other additives to adjust the mode of action, stability, release of active ingredients, and sensory characteristics of pharmaceutical preparations, the most important role of fillers is to provide consistent mass ratio and dosage of active ingredients, and uniform distribution of the characteristics of the drug dosage form And physical form and strength, such as size, shape. Therefore, pharmaceutical-grade diatomite fillers can transform the active ingredients into a state suitable for drug delivery.


In addition, diatomite is used as a silicon-containing active ingredient or excipient in pharmaceutical preparations, and can be used as a cholesterol-lowering ingredient; diatomite can also be used to strengthen the skeletal system, prevent osteoporosis, and increase the formation of nails and hair.


Pharmaceutical-grade diatomite requires that the content of SiO2 (excluding quartz) be above 80%, the particle size and morphological characteristics are appropriate, and the content of harmful trace elements cannot exceed the prescribed standards.


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