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Zinc Oxide

Commodity: Zinc Oxide

Production method: Indirect process ZnO; Direct process ZnO, Calcined ZnO,

Molecular formula: ZnO
Molecular weight: 81.38

Appearance: White powder; Light yellow powder

Detailed Introduction
5ZnO99.6610Hydrochloric acid Insoluble0.07

Packing: 25kg plastic bag inside, woven bag outside.

Quantity: 20Mt/20’GP.

Performance: The product is a Zinc Oxide with the appearance of white powder, specific gravity of 5.606 and melting point of 1975℃. Being an oxide, it can be soluble in acid-bases ammonium chlorides and ammonia water and insoluble in water and ethyl alcohols It will sublime after being heated to 1800℃.

Application: Ceramics, Medicine, Painting, Printing and dyeing, Rubber, Magnetic materials, Electronics, Feeding additive, Picture tubes etc.

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