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Sodium Aluminate

Commodity: Sodium Aluminate

Grade: 50#, 54#

Appearance: White powder

Size: 30-100mesh

Detailed Introduction

Sodium Aluminate is an inorganic chemical that is used as an effective source of aluminium hydroxide for many industrial and technical applications. Pure Sodium Aluminate (anhydrous) is a white crystalline solid having a formula variously given as NaAlO2, NaAl(OH)4, Na2O·Al2O3, or Na2Al2O4. Commercial Sodium Aluminate is available as a solution or a solid.


Is Sodium Aluminate toxic?

Sodium aluminate is toxic by ingestion and corrosive to tissue. Sodium Aluminate is also a corrosive chemical. Contact can severely irritate and burn the skin and eyes with possible eye damage.  Breathing Sodium Aluminate can irritate the nose, throat and lungs causing coughing, wheezing and/or shortness of breath. 


Application of Sodium Aluminate

Sodium aluminate water treatment. It is used as an adjunct to water softening systems, as a coagulant aid to improve flocculation, and for removing dissolved silica and phosphates.

◆ In construction technology, Sodium Aluminate is employed to accelerate the solidification of concrete, mainly when working during frost.

◆ Sodium Aluminate is also used in the paper industry, for fire brick production, alumina production and so forth.

◆ Clarification in process and drinking water treatment.

◆ Clarification and phosphorus removal in wastewater treatment.

◆ PH adjustment and pitch control in paper mill.

◆ Surface treatment in titanium dioxide manufacturing.

◆ Refractory cement additives.

◆ Concrete additives.

◆ Industrial detergent compounds.

Sodium Aluminate

Specification (50#) of Sodium Aluminate

PH≥12  ≤<>
Water Insoluble≤0.5%

Packaging of Sodium Aluminate

Packing: 25kg pp or paper bags.

Quantity: 20Mt/20' GP

Packaging of Sodium Aluminate

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