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Sodium Aluminate

Commodity: Sodium Aluminate

Grade: 50#, 54#

Appearance: White powder

Size: 30-100mesh

Detailed Introduction

Specification (50#)

PH≥12  ≤<>
Water Insoluble≤0.5%

Packing: 25kg pp or paper bags.

Quantity: 20Mt/20’GP.


1. During the construction process, it is mixed with water glass and plugging agent in construction.

2. Paper industry: It is a good filler when mixed with aluminum sulfate.

3. Water treatment: It can be used as a water purifying agent to improve the water purification effect, reduce the hardness of water and accelerate the sedimentation of suspended solids.

4. Cement construction: It can be used as a cement quick-setting agent to promote rapid cement setting. It is an ideal additive for underground and rapid construction, where cement requires fast setting. Accelerators can be used in a large number of shotcrete and mortar projects.

5. Petroleum, chemical and other industries: It can be used as raw material for catalyst and catalytic carrier, and can produce high-grade white paint as surface treatment agent.

6. Others: It is also widely used in textile, printing and dyeing, pharmaceutical, rubber, washing powder, steel surface treatment and other raw products.

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