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Polyacrylonitrile Powder/PAN powder


Type: Copolymer

Appearance: White powder

CAS No.: 25014-41-9

Molecular Weight: 85,000Mw; 150,000Mw; 250,000Mw

Relative density: 1.18

Content of effective substances: 99.9%

Melting Point: 300

Moisture: 1%

Properties: Insoluble in water

Detailed Introduction

Polyacrylonitrile Powder / PAN Powder

Polyacrylonitrile (PAN) powder, also known as polyvinyl cyanide and Creslan 61, is a synthetic, semicrystalline organic polymerresin, with the linear formula (C3H3N)n. Though it is thermoplastic, it does not melt under normal conditions. It degrades before melting. It melts above 300℃, if the heating rates are 50 degrees per minute or above. Almost all PAN resins are copolymers made from mixtures of monomers with acrylonitrile as the main monomer. It is a versatile polymer used to produce large variety of products including ultra filtration membranes, hollow fibers for reverse osmosis, fibers for textiles, oxidized PAN fibers. PAN fibers are the chemical precursor of high-quality carbon fiber. PAN is first thermally oxidized in air at 230 °C to form an oxidized PAN fiber and then carbonized above 1000 °C in inert atmosphere to make carbon fibers found in a variety of both high-tech and common daily applications such as civil and military aircraft primary and secondary structures, missiles, solid propellant rocket motors, pressure vessels, fishing rods, tennis rackets and bicycle frames. It is a component repeat unit in several important copolymers, such as styrene-acrylonitrile (SAN) and acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) plastic.


Homopolymers of polyacrylonitrile have been used as fibers in hot gas filtration systems, outdoor awnings, sails for yachts, and fiber-reinforced concrete. Copolymers containing polyacrylonitrile are often used as fibers to make knitted clothing like socks and sweaters, as well as outdoor products like tents and similar items. If the label of a piece of clothing says "acrylic", then it is made out of some copolymer of polyacrylonitrile. It was made into spun fiber at DuPont in 1942 and marketed under the name of Orlon.


PAN Powder absorbs many metal ions and aids the application of absorption materials. Polymers containing amidoxime groups can be used for the treatment of metals because of the polymers’ complex-forming capabilities with metal ions.

PAN has properties involving low density, thermal stability, high strength and modulus of elasticity. These unique properties have made PAN an essential polymer in high tech. Its high tensile strength and tensile modulus are established by fiber sizing, coatings, production processes, and PAN's fiber chemistry. Its mechanical properties derived are important in composite structures for military and commercial aircraft.


Product Name: Polyacrylonitrile Powder , Powder of Acrylonitrile polymer
Molecular Weight: Mw=85,000, 150,000
Moisture: 1%Max.
Composition: Copolymer (AN,MA)
Appearance: White powder

Size: Approximately 40 micron.

Soluble in DMF, DMAC, DMSO.

CAS#: 25014-41-9 

Hazards: Harmless-use normal precautions

Handling: Gloves & chemical goggles

Storage: Store at room temperature
Package: 25KG/Bag


Polyacrylonitrile powder is white or yellowish opaque powder。 Its relative density of 1.12, the glass transition temperature of about 90 ℃. It was dissolved in dimethyl formamide(DMF),Dimethylacetamide(DMA) dimethyl sulfoxide polar organic solvent, sulfolane, ethylene carbonate nitrate, etc.

Packing: 25kg pp woven bags with inner line packing.

Quantity: 20-24/20'GP

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