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Lithium Carnonate

Appearance: White crystal powder

Li2CO3: ≥99%

Na: ≤0.15%

Ca: ≤0.04%

Fe: ≤0.0035%

H2O: ≤0.20%

Insoluble in Hydrochloric acid: ≤0.015%

Detailed Introduction

Lithium carbonate is an inorganic compound, the lithium salt of carbonate. Lithium carbonate has a chemical formula of Li2CO3 and a molecular weight of 73.89.


It is a colorless monoclinic crystal. The melting point is 720°C. It is soluble in water and dilute acid, but insoluble in ethanol and acetone. The thermal stability is lower than the carbonates of other elements of the same group in the periodic table, and it is not deliquescent in the air. It can be obtained by adding sodium carbonate to lithium sulfate or lithium oxide solution. The carbon dioxide can be converted into acid salt by passing carbon dioxide into the aqueous solution, and the carbon dioxide is released to form lithium carbonate when heated. Hydrolysis occurs when the aqueous solution is boiled. Used as raw materials for ceramics, glass, ferrite, etc., components are sprayed with silver paste, etc., and used in medicine to treat mental depression.



1. Used in the manufacture of lithium compounds, enamel and glass.

2. It is the raw material for preparing lithium compound and metal lithium. It can be used as electrolytic bath additive for aluminum smelting. It is widely used in glass, ceramics, medicine and food industries, and can also be used in synthetic rubber, dyes, semiconductors and military and defense industries.

3. Used in semiconductor, television, atomic energy, ceramics, medicine, catalyst and other sectors, and also used in the preparation of lithium compounds.

4. Used to prepare lithium compounds, lithium materials, etc.

5. Mainly used to make acoustic grade single crystals and optical grade single crystals such as lithium tantalate and lithium niobate.

6. Used to prepare acoustic grade single crystal and optical grade single crystal. It is also a raw material for preparing high-purity lithium compounds and metallic lithium.

7. Used for the treatment of mad mental illness, making tranquilizers, etc.

8. Battery-grade lithium carbonate is mainly used to prepare lithium cobalt oxide, lithium manganate, ternary materials and lithium iron phosphate and other lithium ion battery cathode materials.

Origion: China

Packing: In 25kg pp bag with pallets.

Quantity: 20-24Mt/20'GP

Lithium Carnonate

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