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Ceramic Sand

Commodity: Ceramic Foundry Sand

Grade: AFS30, ASF40, AFS45, ASF55, AFS60, ASF65, AFS75, ASF90, AFS120

Refractoriness: >1800℃

Detailed Introduction

Ceramic Foundry Sand, also called Ceramsite, Fused ceramic sand, is kind of man-made spherical shape ceramic particles made by spraying process from the melting bauxite in an Electric Arc Furnace. The ceramic foundry sand provides a unique combination of spherical shape grain, chemistry, and physical properties that result in numerous performance advantages compared with Silica Sand or Zircon Sand.


It provides a efficient way in the foundry industry to improve the quality of the casting, reducing the cost and avoiding environmental pollution, It is also good substitution to Chromite and Zircon sand because of lower price. At present, ceramic foundry sand is acknowledged in the worldwide as the newest and the best ideal sand for the foundries and has a wide feasibility of applications.



It offers longer work life and reduction of sand usage.

It’s spherical shape compared with angular shaped grains allows for easier separation from cast parts and improved collapsibility resulting in lower scrap and casting efficiency.

Casting dimensions are more accurate and lower conductivity provides better mold performance.

Can be used as a single sand.

Lower thermal expansion: It makes the dimensions of castings better, less crack and defect and higher output.

Improved durability compared with silica and Zircon sand.

Chemical Analysis 

Element% by weight
Al2O365 – 85 %
SiO211 – 25 %
Fe2O3< 3.5 %
TiO23 – 4.5 %
Ka2O+Na2O< 0.8 % 

Packing: 25kg, 50kg or 1000kg, 1100kg bags.

Quantity: 20-22Mt/20’GP

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